The daCi SpringBoard is an initiative designed to bridge the gap between young people who participate in daCi conferences as dancers and adult daCi members who participate as presenters and facilitators. Dance graduates aged 18-25 witha special interest in dance education, have the opportunity to continue their involvement with daCi through the SpringBoard. Potential candidates fromaround the world are recommended by members of the daCi Executive Committee (EC) and those selected are provided with conference fees and travelcosts to attend the upcoming international congress.The first SpringBoard was formed in advance of the 2015 Copenhagen congress,with members from Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia. At the end of their 3-year term they shared their experiences with newly appointed members.


The current SpringBoard members are

Naoki Liddicut





 Naoki Liddicut (Australia)


Hamish McIntosh





  Hamish McIntosh (New Zealand)


Allie Laforet





 Allie Laforet (Canada)


Mary Di Lorenzo





 Maria Di Lorenzo (Canada).